Lactation Exam Review

A live 2-day seminar to prepare you to recertify by exam

Money-Back Guarantee

We Guarantee You'll Pass the Exam!

If you are a state-licensed health care professional (e.g., RN, MD, RD) or recertifying IBCLC and you successfully complete the Lactation Exam Review (obtaining at least a 70% score on the mock exam), but fail the IBLCE exam in the same year as taking the review course, we will refund your course registration fee. Breastfeeding Outlook is not responsible for any travel or hotel costs.

Note: Instead of a refund, you may choose a free registration for an upcoming Lactation Exam Review in the same city you previously attended (guaranteed space), or in one of our other locations (as space permits).

This guarantee is not transferable.

Help for Those that Fail

Whether you qualify for this guarantee or not, we are here to help those that fail the exam. Don't give up! Click here to read Marie's recommendations and call or email us for personal assistance. Our staff is trained to help you find your weaknesses, raise your score, and pass the exam the NEXT time!

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