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Courses for the April 2016 Exam:
Early-bird Deadline

San Diego CA

Feb 1-2, 2016
Jan 4, 2016

Dallas TX

Feb 29 - Mar 1, 2016
Feb 1, 2016

Chantilly VA

Mar 16-17, 2016
Feb 17, 2016

Courses for the October 2016 Exam:
Early-bird Deadline

Kansas City MO

July 11-12, 2016
June 13, 2016

Woodbridge NJ

Aug 17-18, 2016
Jul 20, 2016

Boston MA

Aug 29-30, 2016
Aug 1, 2016

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Course Goal

To enable first-time exam candidates and recertifying lactation consultants to pass the IBLCE exam.

Course Description

Prepare for the IBLCE exam with two exciting, information-packed days with Marie Biancuzzo, internationally known speaker, author and clinical expert. This course will enable you to tackle the toughest topics with confidence!

Review pertinent facts and principles related to all 14 categories of the exam blueprint in an interactive and responsive learning environment. Learn effective test-taking strategies, discuss evidence-based practices for breastfeeding management, and brush up on your recognition of clinical conditions. Special emphasis will be given to topics that have given past candidates difficulty.

Who should attend?

First-time candidates and certified lactation consultants who want to pass the IBLCE exam. This course is ideal for licensed health care professionals (e.g., nurses, physicians, dietitians). Others may register, but should be aware that the course is paced for those who have passed a state board exam.

What you'll receive

Course Locations Dates, & Brochure

Course Details & Policies